The Norwegian Food Composition Table:

Copyrights and responsibilities

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Department of Nutrition at the University of Oslo have collaborated to publish the Norwegian Food Composition Table 2018 (MVT-18). The publishers provide the data in MVT-18 at the disposal of users of this website, free of charge. The content is protected pursuant to the law of intellectual property. Table values and texts from MVT-18 must not be copied or otherwise reproduced without specific reference to the source.

How to specify the reference of the Food Composition Table

"Norwegian Food Composition Database 2018. Norwegian Food Safety Authority.".

Graphics may not be copied or otherwise reproduced without written permission from the editors working on Please contact Matportalen if you have any questions.


The purpose of the website is to make the information in the Norwegian Food Composition Table easily available. Table values are based on Norwegian analytical data, calculations, values from foreign food composition tables and from other sources. A reference for the table value can be found by clicking on the value itself.

The information on this website is intended for general use. The publishers cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the values.

The publisher takes no form of responsibility for the table values and any use of these in other connections, for example in other food composition databases and nutrient calculation software. There can thus be no form of liability for direct or indirect loss, for example operational loss and loss of profit, in connection with the use of the table values.