How to use the Norwegian Food Composition Table

The Norwegian Food Composition Table presents values for the content of energy and nutrients in 100 grams of food for raw food items, products, prepared food items and dishes.

Search for food

When searching for food items, you can either use the search box on the home page, or choose one of the food groups and use the search box within that food group. All food names that include your exact search phrase will be presented in the search results.

Read more about the food groups.

Detail view of the nutrients

Click on a food item to see a detailed view of the nutrients. Click on the button Select nutrients to select which nutrients to be shown in the table. You have several choices:

  • Common – the most common nutrients
  • Nutrition labelling req – mandatory nutrients in the nutritional declaration
  • Nutrition labelling incl opt – mandatory and voluntary nutrients in the nutritional declaration
  • Select all – select all nutrients
  • Deselect all – deselect all nutrients

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My Food List

By using My Food List you can see and compare the nutritional content of several foods. Click on the green cross next to a food item to add it to My Food List. Click on the green box to see your list. If you want to save the list you can download it as a spreadsheet.


Each table value has a reference. The references will appear when you click on a food item and choose the References tab.  

List of references.

Food classification

All food items are classfied with LanguaL-codes. LanguaL is a international framework for food description. Read more on