Is the nutrient content always the same within the same type of food, for instance an apple?

Does it matter which type I choose from (for instance an apple), when it comes to whether the nutrient content always is the same within the same type of food?

In vegetable foods (fruits and vegetables), the content of nutrients will vary greatly according to type, growing conditions and degree of ripeness while harvested and used.

Conditions during storage, transport, industrial processing and/or preparation in household are also of importance for the nutrient content in foods, products and dishes. In addition, there is always some variation in analytical results from a laboratory.

The nutrient content in foods of animal origin primarily varies with the breed of the bird or animal, feed and the age at which it was slaughtered. The content in fish and shellfish also varies according to where and at what time of the year it is caught or gathered and what it has been eating.

A lot of the food items in the Food Composition table are generic, that is, mean nutrients values of one food item are combined. It is not possible to see if there is any difference in the nutrient content of green, red or yellow apples, but for some fruits and vegetables there are distinct values for products cultivated in Norway or imported.