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Matportalen.no presents information about food, health and physical acitivty to consumers from the Norwegian health and food authorities. The objective of matportalen.no is to help the consumers make enlightened choices.

The following governmental organisations are responsible for the content on matportalen.no:

  • The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA)
  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • The National Veterinary Institute
  • National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES)
  • Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research
  • Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety
  • Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
  • Food and health authorities in other countries

Matportalen.no was launched by the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Lars Sponheim, in May 2003. The website was one of the initatives in "Handlingsplan for forbrukerretting av matpolitikken 2004-2005".

To make matprotalen.no more updated and user friendly the website was redesigned and restructured in the spring of 2011.

The Food Composition Table

The Food Composition Table 2012 (MVT-12) is a part of matportalen.no. The table shows the energy and nutrient content in 100 g food for nearly 1300 raw foods, food products, prepared foods and dishes. The foods are placed in groups, and all groups have sub-groups.

Search for food items in the Food Composition Table

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The web team working on matportalen.no has it office at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA).

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