The Norwegian Food Composition Table

The Norwegian Food Composition Table (FCT) provides information concerning the content of nutrients and energy in the most commonly consumed foods in Norway.

The nutritional values are presented in the FCT for each of the food items in the form in which they are usually found in stores (mostly unprepared). The table also provides nutritional values of a variety of prepared foods and dishes.

All values in the table refer to the content per 100 grams of the edible portion of the food, i.e. after parts that are usually not eaten, such as peel, pits and shell, have been removed. The FCT is regularly updated as new food products are launched every year, and because ingredients in existing food products and methods of production change frequently.

The FCT’s nutritional values are compiled from:

  • Chemical analyses performed in Norwegian quality-assured laboratories
  • Values that are provided by the industry or borrowed from foreign food composition tables
  • Values that are estimated based on similar food items and dishes

The use of the FCT?

The FCT is the fundamental tool for estimating intake of energy and nutrients among individuals and population groups. It is an important tool in governmental food policy and management, education and public health promotion and for health care workers and researchers. The table is also used by the food industry as the basis of nutrition declarations.